St John of God Centre

The Hospitaller Order of St. John of God formed itself around John Cidade in Granada Spain from the early 1540’s. His care for the poor and needy encouraged the people of the city to name him John of God, the father of poor. Today, John of God’s follower form an International Organization of Brothers and Co-workers that underpins the existence and operation of some 390 health and social welfare services in 46 countries throughout the world.

St. John of God Centre at Velloor was started in 1998 for the support and training of children and young adult with learning or intellectual disabilities (Those who are Mentally Challenged). The center is auspiced by the society for the empowerment of the learning disabled (SELD), an agency established by the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God in India. The aim of the Centre is to promote the well being and rehabilitation of the Mentally Challenged, creating awareness in society and among families about their obligation towards the Mentally Challenged and train them to live independently and assume their rightful place within this familiar and the boarder society. The Centre is a registered charitable organization for the development of the Mentally Challenged.