Education & Training Services

The term ‘mental retardation’ is not well understood and misrepresents the abilities, hopes and aspirations of those whose intellectual abilities do not fall within the normal range. Whereas the term ‘differently abled’ highlights the right to individuality, integrity and dignity that is the right of each person. Children who are differently abled can, and do learn, striving for their own personal goals and interests that lead them into an adulthood that can be independent and contributing to the social good of the nation.

Education and training at the St. John of God Special School are organized according to the schemes and guidelines of the apex professional body for India, the National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped (NIMH). Students are admitted after thorough assessment of their intellectual capacity and their relevant personal and family background. All educational programmes aim at maximizing the holistic potential of the individual person.

Students are also initiated into a variety of recreational activities. They have opportunities to develop their talents in many areas, including music, dance, handicrafts and cottage based industries. Sporting activities, participation in district, state and national competitions are encouraged. Organized after-school programmes are an important aspect of each student’s daily life and timetable